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About Us

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CE Painting & Remodeling LLC, based in Knoxville, TN, is a leading local provider of top-tier painting and remodeling services. With a dedication to quality craftsmanship, our team ensures that both homes and workplaces radiate vibrancy and elegance. Our diverse offerings encompass everything from painting and drywall installation to carpentry and flooring. Open 24/7 from Monday to Saturday, we’re always ready to assist, making us a reliable partner for all your refurbishing needs. Our mission transcends beyond just service; it’s about breathing life, color, and style into every space we touch. Rooted in customer satisfaction, we aim to transform visions into tangible realities, all within an affordable budget.


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CE Painting & Remodeling LLC is Knoxville’s premier painting and remodeling partner. Driven by a commitment to superior quality, we handpick only the most reputable products for our projects. Each task begins with an in-depth evaluation of the designated space, ensuring a solution that meets and exceeds expectations. Paired with our hands-on approach, we’re always at the forefront, providing insightful recommendations to enrich your living or working environment. 

Transform your space today with CE Painting & Remodeling LLC. Dive into unparalleled craftsmanship and make your dream interiors a reality!

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We blend expertise with passion at CE Painting & Remodeling LLC, offering unparalleled craftsmanship in painting and remodeling. Knoxville’s trusted choice, we prioritize client visions, ensuring each project radiates excellence, affordability, and a personalized touch. Choose us for a seamless, transformative experience.

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